What is Keeper
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Keeper is an all-in-one app to help bookkeepers and accountants run a better month-end close for their clients.

There are four fundamental pieces to Keeper

  1. Task Management:

    1. Like Asana or ClickUp, but built only for bookkeepers and integrated with QuickBooks online

  2. Client Portal:

    1. Communicate with your clients in a single place

    2. Ask clients about coding questions or make document requests, and update transactions without leaving Keeper

    3. Publish Management reports and manage files, so your clients have a true all-in-one place to collaborate with you

  3. File Reviews

    1. Catch and correct coding errors before delivering client financials

  4. Management Reporting:

    1. Track KPIs and generate reporting packages that your clients will actually read

Keeper is bi-directionally synced with QuickBooks Online, so any changes that you make in Keeper will automatically get synced back to QBO.

Watch this video for a quick tour of the basics:

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