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Uncategorized Transactions

Transactions you need to ask your client about

Updated over a week ago

Questions in the uncategorized transactions report aren't automatically added to the client's portal. Instead, they are put in your Uncategorized Transactions report.

The Uncategorized Transactions report is where you can see any transactions that you need to ask your clients about.

To make sure you see those transactions, add/update the accounts that you code unknown transactions to in this Report (Ask My Accountant, Uncategorized Expense, etc.)

How to set uncategorized transaction accounts

To set the accounts you want to show up in the Uncategorized Transactions report, add them to the picker at the top of the report.

Coding unknown transaction accounts in Keeper.

These accounts will be saved with your client's settings, so you only need to do this one time per client.

From that report, you need to ask a question about that transaction to add it to your client's portal/your transaction questions report.

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