Transaction Questions

Any question you have about a transaction

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Transaction Questions are any questions you have about a transaction.

They can be anything from how to classify a transaction, to whether something is a business or personal expense, to needing them to upload a receipt.

Asking questions

You can add a question to any transaction from any report in Keeper.

How do I ask my clients questions?

To ask a question, click the Ask Client (✏️) button, type your question, then click Ask Client again, and your question will be added to a list that your client can see in their Client Portal.

Adding question to client portal

Bulk asking questions

You can also bulk-add transaction questions by selecting the box on the left-hand side of the transaction and typing the question you want to bulk add:

If you bulk ask a question to a transaction that already has an existing question, it will overwrite the original question.

Resolving answered questions

Once your clients have answered your questions, you can see all questions and answers in the Transaction Questions tab within the Client Communications tile.

From here, you can directly reclassify the transaction to a new account, add a payee, add a class, or however you need to handle this transaction.

Once you've resolved your question, make sure to mark the transaction as Resolved by clicking the checkbox next to your client's feedback.

This will hide the transaction from your report in Keeper and from your client's portal, so they'll only see the list of open transactions you still need their input on.

You can always see any resolved transactions questions by clicking the Resolved button on the report.

How to mark a question as Resolved

Adding your client's response to the memo in QuickBooks

If you want to store your client's response in QuickBooks, you can add it to the memo by clicking their answer and clicking the Add to Memo button.

You can also do this in bulk by opening the bulk editor, going to Set Description, and clicking Bulk add client responses.

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When you click Add to memo it adds //Comment// [The Client's Response] - this is a way of separating the client's answer from what is commonly the statement descriptor from the bank.

Follow-up questions

Sometimes when you ask a client a question, they don't give you enough information to complete your work. If that happens, you can ask a follow-up question in Keeper.

To ask a follow-up question, click your client's answer, then click Respond, and type your follow-up question. This will create a thread and mark the question as unanswered so your client knows to respond.

Deleted transactions

If you delete a transaction in QBO (e.g., to reclassify it in the bank feed), and you have asked about that question in Keeper, it will now show up tagged as Deleted.

Because that transaction has been deleted from QuickBooks, it is no longer editable in Keeper.

Any transaction you see as deleted should be marked as resolved. Once it is resolved, the question will be hidden from the Client Portal.

Deleted transactions show up in all closing periods.

Template Questions

Template questions allow you to create a library of questions you commonly ask your clients. You can apply a Template Question anywhere you ask transaction questions. You can update your list of Template Questions in your Templates on the Client List.


Do my clients get emails when I ask a transaction question?

No – clients are not notified when you ask a transaction question.

This is to allow you to prepare the list of questions you want to ask, and then send them a notification about all of them at once.

When you're ready, you can send manual emails notifying your clients about new questions in their portal or set up reminders to automatically email your clients on a certain day.

For more on notifying your clients, check out: Notifying your client/reminders.

Am I notified as soon as my client answers my question(s)?

NO - By default, Keeper will send you a once-daily summary of all the clients who have answered your questions the previous day.

To receive notifications as soon as your client responds:

  1. Go to User Settings (your initials in a colored circle or your profile picture)

  2. Click Client Questions

  3. Check Enable instant notifications

Can I remove a question from the Client Portal?


How to remove a question added to the portal

You can remove a question from the client portal by marking the transaction as resolved.

To do this Click the checkmark in the Client Feedback column

This will hide the transaction from your client's portal, so they'll only see the list of open transactions you still need their input on.

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Can I delete a question from the Client Portal?

YES if it is not been answered by the client.

How to delete a question from the Client Portal

  1. Click the field of the question you would like to delete

  2. Click DELETE in the popup box

Where did my client's answered questions go?

If your clients have already answered their questions, they get moved to the Answered tab in their Portal.

What does the warning about questions not in this close mean?

You may see a warning on your Transaction Questions report telling you that there are questions not in the current close.

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For performance reasons, Keeper only pulls the latest 12 months of transactions in a given close. So if you are in the March 2022 close, Keeper will fetch data going back to April 2021.

As a result, if you have questions about transactions that predate April 2021, you will not see those transactions in this report, and you will need to go back to an older close to see them.

How can I see the date I asked my client a question?

You can see the date you asked your client a question by clicking your question.

How do I add the date as a column on the report?

To add this to your Transaction Questions Report:

  1. Go to your Practice Settings (⚙️ icon)

  2. Click Practice and Statement Settings

  3. Click File Reviews

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