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The common reasons Keeper transactions do not match QuickBooks Online on Xero

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The four common reasons Keeper does not match QBO or Xero:

Also, a couple of reasons transactions may be missing from specific reports.

Read on to learn more about each reason.

Keeper doesn't have the latest data from QuickBooks / Xero

If you are working on a client's close in Keeper and QBO at the same time and you add transactions in QBO, you'll need to refresh the page in Keeper to see those transactions.

Still in the bank feed

Keeper only has access to the transactions in the ledger, not the transactions in the bank feed.

If any transactions are uncoded and sitting in the bank feed in QBO or Xero, they will not be available in Keeper.

This is also true of questions added from the Chrome Extension – they won't be visible in Keeper or in your Client Portal until you classify the transaction.

The transactions are older (or newer) than the close you're working on

For performance reasons, Keeper only pulls the last 12 months of transaction data for a given close.

For example, if you are in a client’s June 2021 close, Keeper will pull data from July 2020 - June 2021. If you would like to view transactions older than that, you'll need to go to an older close.

This also applies for transactions that are newer than the close that you're working on transactions – so if you need to see transactions in December 2021, you'd need to start a newer close. This is true even if you select "All Dates" in a report (All Dates means "All Dates available in this close").

You also need to be in the latest close to see current-month transactions. If you're not in the latest close, you can start the latest close to see new transactions.

The transactions you're looking for are marked as reviewed

If any transactions are marked as reviewed, you'll need to click 'Reviewed' to see them. Learn more about reviewed transactions here.

Missing transactions in specific reports

Uncategorized Transactions

If you're not seeing transactions in the Uncategorized Transactions report, make sure to add them to the picker at the top of the report. These accounts will be saved with your client's settings, so you only need to do this one time per client.

Transaction Questions

Make sure you have asked a question for it to show up in this report - more on that here.

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