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You can attach files to all tasks in Keeper.

Among other things, this is a great way to manage your bank and credit card statements, since you can attach the statement to each account reconciliation task for each client's close.

Attach file to task

Attaching files to tasks

  1. Click the paper icon

  2. Click Add Attachment

If you want to find all historical statements for a particular account, you can search for them easily from the Files section on a client's close page.

File search

Note: The 'In the portal' tab is for files attached to TASKS in Keeper.

To learn how to show files in the Client Portal, click HERE

Moving Files

Click the arrow to the right of a file to move it to another location.

Note: Keeper supports unlimited file storage, with a 100 megabyte per-file limit.

AKA just don't go dropping in HD movies and you'll be fine.

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