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There are two types of files in Keeper:

  • files that you can organize into custom folders (like traditional files systems), and

  • files that are attached to objects in Keeper (tasks, vendors, questions, or transactions).

We divide these two types of files into two areas: custom folders and auto organized folders.

You can access all of your files for a client from the Files button at the top of the Close Page.

Additionally, for any files you attach to tasks, transactions, vendors, or questions, you can see those files whenever you're looking at any of those objects.

Clicking the files icon will show you any files attached to a task.

Getting Started with Custom Folders

Keeper's custom folders functionality works just like a standard files system.

You can create folders and subfolders, add files to those folders, and even copy a folder structure from one client to another.

Uploading entire folders from your computer

You can even upload an entire folder with subfolders and nested files from your desktop into Keeper – this is a great way to easily move all your files into Keeper.

If you want to bulk upload a whole folder this way, click the Add Files button, and make sure to drag and drop the folder into the file uploader (rather than clicking the square to open the file viewer).

Check out the video below for a quick guide:

Auto Organized Folders

Any file that's attached to a task, vendor, question, or transaction is automatically organized in your auto organized folders area for easy access.

You can also see these files whenever you pull up those related objects (e.g., when you're looking at a task).

Attaching Files to Tasks

Attaching files to tasks makes it easy to manage any supporting documents you need to complete that task.

For example, this is a great way to manage your bank and credit card statements, since you can attach the statement and reconciliation report to each account reconciliation task in each client's close.

To attach a file to a task, you can drag and drop the file onto the task, or you can click the files icon and then click add attachment.

Moving Files

To move a file from one location to another, hover it and then click the Move button.

Bulk Actions

You can bulk move, download, or delete any files by selecting them with the checkbox on the left and choosing one of the options in the top menu that appears.

Showing Files in the Client Portal

Keeper lets you control which of your files you let your clients access. To make a file visible to your clients in the Client Portal, hover the file and then click the Make visible button.

In order for your clients to see the files you've made visible in the portal, make sure to give that Contact Files access.

You can see what files are visible in the portal by clicking the Client Portal tab or from Preview Mode.

To learn more about Files in the Client Portal, click here.

Files on the Client List

Users can also access their client's custom files on the Client List by adding the "files" column.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Keeper have file storage limitations?

Keeper supports unlimited file storage, with a 100 megabyte per-file limit.

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