Adding documents in Keeper

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You or your client can add attachments to questions in the Client Portal! If your client uploads an attachment to a transaction question, you can also push this directly to QuickBooks to the transaction (e.g., for a receipt) or Payee (e.g., for a W9).

If you see that a client has uploaded an attachment, scroll to the right-hand side of your screen and click the attachments icon. To preview the attachment, just click its name!

Uploading to QuickBooks via Transaction Questions

You can access your transaction questions from the client close by going to Client Communications > Transaction Questions. When the client responds to the question with an attachment, you can view the attachment by clicking on the Files icon.

From here, you have the option to Upload to Transaction or Upload to Vendor! Selecting either of these options will publish the attachment to the corresponding location in the QuickBooks file.

Uploading to QuickBooks via Non-Transaction Questions

As the name suggests, non-transaction questions are not tied to specific transactions in Keeper. However, you are still able to upload their attachments to QBO! These questions are located in the client close under Client Communications > Non-Transaction Questions.

You can scroll to the right and select the Files icon in order to access the attachment details. Simply click on the name to preview the file!

Once you've previewed the attachment, you can move it to the corresponding transaction by selecting Move (the arrow icon) > Transactions. You can also move the attachment to Vendors!

Once you've located the corresponding transaction, you'll want to scroll to the far right and select Upload to QBO.

You can also use non-transaction questions to request statements on a recurring schedule through the Client Portal! For more on this, see Recurring Questions and Bank Statement Requests.

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