The people you communicate with in your Client Portal

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Contacts are the people you communicate with in your Client Portal. Most clients have just one contact, but you can have multiple contacts for the same client, and you can have contacts with access to multiple clients. See Client vs. Client Portal Contact for more on this.

If Reminders are enabled, your contacts will receive reminders about outstanding, unanswered questions.

If Assignable Questions are enabled, then you will be able to assign questions to specific contacts. Once questions are assigned, they will only be visible in that contact's Client Portal. If Assignable Questions are not enabled, all contacts will see all questions in their Client Portal.

You can see your contacts for a particular client by going to that client's close and clicking the Client Portal icon:, clicking Client Portal, and choosing the Contacts tab.

Contact list in Keeper

How to add a contact

To add a contact from the close page, click the Client Portal button and click Add Contact.

If your contact already exists in another file, you'll need to give that contact access to this file in your All Contacts settings (Practice Settings ⚙️ -> Client Portal -> All Contacts).

Emailing and texting your contacts

If you have multiple contacts for a client, you can choose which one of them to email or text by selecting them from the Send To picker.

Preview Mode

To see what your clients will see when they go to your Client Portal, click the Preview button in the Contacts tab.

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Note: You cannot switch companies while in preview mode

For more on what your client’s experience is like in the portal, check out Your Client's Experience in the Portal.

Contacts for multiple clients (Merged Client Portals)

If you have a contact who has multiple companies and are an admin you can give them access to both companies so they can see all their questions in one place.

How to add multiple businesses to a contact

  1. Go to Practice Settings (⚙️ icon)

  2. Click Client Portal

  3. Click the All Contacts tab

  4. Add the other clients to the contact by clicking on the Client(s) field and selecting the companies the contact should have access to.

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How to switch businesses in the Client Portal

Clients with multiple businesses can easily switch between businesses in the portal via the switcher tool in the top right-hand corner of the portal.

This also shows them if they have other open questions in other businesses.


My client wants to log in with a password. How can they set one?

Your clients can set a password to log in to their Client Portal in one of two ways.

First, you can send them a password reset link that they can use to set a password.

Second, they can request one themselves from the Client Portal.

To do that, they should go to your Client Portal and click sign in manually instead. Then, they click Get help signing in, type in their email, and click Reset Password.

Once they have done that, they'll receive an email with a link to set a password that they can use to log into the client portal.

What if I have multiple assignees for one client?

If you have multiple Contacts for your client, and you'd like to be able to ask them each a separate set of questions, Assignable Questions allows you to assign each question to the contact who should answer it.

If Assignable Questions is enabled, each contact will only see the questions assigned to them in their Client Portal.

If you have multiple contacts, but Assignable Questions is not enabled, then all contacts will see all questions asked to that client.

Can I reassign a question to a different contact?

If you have enabled Assignable Questions, sometimes one contact may tell you to ask the other contact.

To handle this, ask a follow-up question that will add to the thread asking the other contact for more information. Then, switch the assignee from the first contact to the second, and it will show up in the second contact's Portal.

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