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Payee / Entity Review Reports

Review your vendors, customers, and accounts.

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Newly Added Vendors / Customers

These reports will show all transactions coded to vendors/customers that have been added in the current period.

The report shows all vendors/customers added in the relevant period, even if they don't relate to the current month's transactions.

As a result, if you are working on your May close, you may see some vendors/customers here that correspond to April coding data. This happens because some part of your April coding work happens in May, so the Newly Added Vendors / Customers report will pick up any new vendors/customers added from that coding.

To make sure you get a full list of all new vendors/customers, we also show all vendors that correspond to the May transactions.

Newly Added Accounts

This report works the same way the newly added vendors/customers reports does, but for accounts in your Chart of Accounts.

Duplicate Vendors / Customers

These reports will show you a list of vendors/customers with similar names that might be duplicates.

If there are any duplicates, you can bulk re-assign the vendor/customer and deactivate the other vendor/customer directly within the report.

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