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Final Review (Financial Statements)
Final Review (Financial Statements)
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The Final Review section is where you can review your client's financial statements and key management reports.

Here you can see the following reports:

  • Profit and Loss

  • Balance Sheet

  • Statement of Cash Flows

  • A/P Aging Report

  • A/R Aging Report

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Variance/Flux Analysis

When reading the Profit and Loss / Balance Sheet, Keeper will automatically flag accounts that deviate significantly from the historical average. This can help you find potential coding inconsistencies and surface genuine business trends to tell your clients about.

Vendor Drill-down

If you want to look deeper into an account, clicking it will show a vendors by spend report filtered by that account. You can also see the variances for each of the vendors as well.

If you click into a vendor, you can see a list of all transactions with that vendor in the period.

Editing Transactions & Asking Questions

When looking at a transaction list, you can always reclassify transactions in-line or ask a question to be added to the Client Portal.


If you upload statements to your account reconciliation tasks in Keeper, you can also see those files in your Final Review on the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss.

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