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Vendor Requests

Request W9s and other documents directly from your clients' vendors.

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To use Vendor Requests, you must be on Keeper Premium with whitelabeling enabled.

Vendor Requests is a feature that allows you to request W9s and other documents from your clients’ vendors.

Making a vendor request

Commonly, most users will make vendor requests from the Prepare 1099s report, but you can also make them from the Newly Added Vendors or Vendor Requests reports.

If you leave the "Email Vendor" checkbox enabled, you'll automatically send that vendor an email when you add the request.

You can't make a vendor request without your vendor's email, so if you need their email from your client, you can create a Client Question for that.

The Vendor Experience

When the vendor clicks the link to their vendor request, they'll go to a page where they can see your request, along with a place to upload a file or fill out and eSign a W9.

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Customizing your footer link

In the portal, you also have an opportunity to advertise your bookkeeping services with a link at the bottom of the page. By default, this link goes to your root domain (e.g., if your client portal lives at, then the link will point to

You can customize or disable this link your Client Portal settings:

  1. Click Practice Settings (⚙️ icon)

  2. Click Client Portal

  3. Click Vendor Requests

The Vendor Requests Report

You can see and manage all of your outstanding Vendor Requests from the Vendor Request report at the top of your close page.


If your vendor uses the W9 eSigning experience on your request link, you can click the Autofill button to automatically fill their response into Keeper / QuickBooks.

CC Clients on emails

If you want to keep your clients looped in on the emails you're sending to their vendors, you can CC them on all outbound Vendor Request emails and follow ups. When you select the CC Client checkbox, you can deselect any client contacts who you do not want copied on the vendor request.

Static Vendor Request Links

When working with new vendors, the best practice is to request their W9 before you pay them. That way, you don't need to go chasing them down after they've received the check.

Static Vendor Request Links are a way to do just that. These are links you can share with your clients, so they can request a W9 from new vendors before they pay them.

When the vendor responds, both you and your client will get notified, so they know they have the all clear to release payment.

And you get their W9, so all your 1099 problems are solved before they start!

Each Static Vendor Request Link is unique to the client, so you can send it to them or add it to their Client Portal Resources for easy access.

You can create find your client's Static Vendor Request Link by going to your Vendor Request, clicking Add Request, and then clicking the W9 request tab. This is also where you can choose which Contacts get notified when a vendor uploads their W9.


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