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Client Properties
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Client Properties are a way to keep track of relevant information about your clients! You can store structured information about each client, as well as file attachments, like their W9 or Engagement Letter.

Client Property Types

Client Properties can have the following types:

  • Text

  • Checkbox

  • Attachment

  • Dropdown

  • Date Dropdown

  • User Dropdown

Accessing Client Properties

From the Client Page

You can see these properties in each Client's Close by clicking the Info button.

From Practice Settings

If you are an Admin, you can also view all your Client Properties:

  1. Go to Practice Settings (⚙️ icon)

  2. Select All Client Settings

  3. Select Properties

In this screenshot: Priority (Dropdown) and VIP (Checkbox) are custom properties!

We have some default properties ready to use, but you always have the option to delete them, re-order them, or add your own!

Client Properties on the Client List

You can also use Client Properties to filter and sort your Client List, like filtering for only the clients assigned to one Reviewer, or filtering for VIP clients.

Read more on Client List Properties: Client Properties and Saved Views!

In this screenshot: Priority (Dropdown) and VIP (Checkbox) are custom properties!

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