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Client Facing: What is Keeper?
Client Facing: What is Keeper?

Learn more about the app that powers your bookkeeper's portal! (For Clients)

Updated over a week ago

Hi there! If you're on this page, your bookkeeper is using Keeper and wants to tell you a bit more about it.

Keeper is the app that powers their Client Portal for communicating with you about questions they have while working on your books. It is directly integrated with your QuickBooks or Xero file to allow them to easily make changes once you have responded to their questions.

Keeper takes privacy and security very seriously – we use bank grade encryption to keep your data secure, and we will never sell it. You're welcome to read more on our security standards here: Security at Keeper!

If you're the Primary Admin for your QuickBooks file, you might have received an email that looks something like this:

Document image

This email notification lets you know that the Keeper QuickBooks app has been added to your file! This lets your bookkeeper ask about and fix transactions directly in Keeper.

What's next?

Your bookkeeper should be setting you up with a Client Portal log in shortly!

Check out this article on the Client Portal for more information.

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