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Keeper's Chrome Extension

Bringing the power of Keeper to QuickBooks.

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Keeper's Chrome Extension allows you to access Keeper functionality while you work in your client's QuickBooks File.

You can use it to access and edit your Client Details, Notes, or Files; ask Non-Transaction Questions from anywhere; and even ask Transaction Questions directly from the bank feed.

You can download it here to get started.

Make sure to login first

After installing the extension, you'll also need to login to the extension before you can start asking questions with it. This is different from being logged into Keeper in the browser.

To do this, click the extension in the top right-hand corner of your browser and click login.

Asking Questions in the Bank Feed

When asking questions to your clients, you will still need to classify / accept the transaction from the bank feed to see it in Keeper and in your Client Portal.

Asking questions from the bank feed introduces a new way of seeing more transactions in the close but you will not be able to edit any questions outside of the date range for the close you are working on.

For example, if you ask a question from the bank feed that is related to an August transaction, you will still be able to see it in the June close but not edit it. You will see "New Close" under the transaction date letting you know that you need to go to a different close in order to edit that transaction.

Asking Non-Transaction Questions

You can ask non-transaction questions to clients from anywhere by clicking the extension and clicking Add Question.

Accessing Client Info, Notes, and Files from anywhere

All your client information is just a click away – access Details, Notes, or Files right from the Extension.

Things to know

Make sure to pin the extension for easy access!

When you first install the Chrome Extension, you'll need to refresh any page you had open before you're able to start asking questions on that page. You'll only need to do this once.

This Chrome Extension also powers editing in Keeper's Xero Integration.

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