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Non-Calendar Fiscal Years

How to manage clients whose fiscal years don't start in January.

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Keeper has dedicated functionality to help you serve your clients with fiscal years that start in months other than January.


Quarterly clients are prompted to start their closes on the proper fiscal cycle. For example, if you have a client with a Fiscal Year Start Month in September, your quarterly closes will be November, February, May, and August.

Syncing Settings

If you added your client to Keeper before June 15th, or if you change your client's Fiscal Year settings in QuickBooks, you'll need to go to that client's File Settings to sync it to the right month.


File Review Reports and Management Reports also contain Fiscal options. If your client has a January Fiscal Year Start Month, your Fiscal and Calendar options will be the same.

For your Expense Inconsistency and Class Inconsistency Reports, you can configure your settings to only compare against Fiscal Year To Date transaction history.

In your Management Reports, your Executive Summary, Financial Statements, and Top 10 Vendors / Customers by Spend all have Fiscal Year options.

Supported Ledgers

Non-Calendar Fiscal Years are currently only supported in QuickBooks Online.

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