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Quarterly Clients

How to set clients to quarterly in Keeper.

Updated this week

If you have clients whose books you only do quarterly, you can mark them as Quarterly Clients. Quarterly Clients will only be prompted to start a new close on a quarterly basis (Q1 in the March close, Q2 in the June close, etc.).

Fiscal Years

Quarterly closes take fiscal years into consideration, so you will be prompted to start a quarterly close on their closing cycle. For example, a client whose fiscal year starts in September will have the following quarterly closes: November, February, May, August.

This is only an option for QuickBooks-integrated files at this time.

Check the Fiscal Year by going to the Client Settings in the client file!

Quarterly Client Set Up

  1. Go to Practice Settings (⚙️ icon)

  2. Click All Client Settings

  3. Enable Quarterly settings for the applicable client(s)

The walk-through below shows an older user interface, but the steps are the same!

Quarterly Client FAQs

I just added a quarterly client, but they are not on the right close. How can I fix that?

When you add a new client to Keeper, they are added with their current close set to the latest close. For example, if you add them in June, they will automatically be set to the May close.

If you have a quarterly client whose closes do not overlap with the current close, you can start an older close and delete the current close to set them up on the right cycle.

To do this from the Client List:

  1. Select Add Client

  2. Set them as a Quarterly Client

  3. Create a close for a prior period

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