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Archiving Clients
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Archiving a Client

From the Client List:

  1. Select the Client Options button on the right side of the client list table

  2. Select Archive Client in the bottom right-hand corner

    Only Admins have the ability to archive clients.


  • Archiving your client will remove them from future billing cycles

  • You have the option to reactivate and reconnect anytime; however, if reactivated, Keeper will charge a pro-rated amount for their subscription.

Connection to QuickBooks Online & Xero

  • Archiving a client will disconnect the the connection to the client's QuickBooks or Xero account.

  • Historical transaction questions will be preserved, but drill-downs into ledger data will not be available in archived clients in Transaction Review reports, Final Review reports, or Payee/Entity Review reports.

  • To view and make changes to QuickBooks or Xero data, the client file will need to be reactivated.

Client Portal

  • Your client will still be able to log into their portal, but they will only be able to view and download files.

  • Previously published financial reports will be available for clients to view and download in the portal.

  • Clients can no longer ask or respond to questions via the portal.

  • All outstanding transaction questions, non-transaction questions, and Questions For Us will be marked as resolved.

  • Historical questions and answered will be preserved within your Keeper client close page.

Tasks and Workflow

  • Upon archive, all outstanding tasks related to the archived client will be marked as "Canceled."

  • Recurring tasks will be canceled and will no longer repeat. If you choose to reactivate the client, recurring tasks will need to be set up again.

  • Files attached to tasks will still be viewable and downloadable, but you cannot add new files to tasks.

  • Comments related to tasks will still be viewable, but all open comment threads will be resolved and you cannot reply or create new comments.


  • Upon archive, active Keeper Receipts subscriptions will be canceled.

  • Uploaded receipts will be preserved in Files.

  • Receipts cannot be matched or posted to transactions unless the client file is reactivated.

Client List

  • Admin users have the option to choose whether archived clients show up on the Client List

  • To show or remove archived clients from your Client List,

    • Go to Practice Settings

    • Select All client settings

    • Navigate to the Archived tab

    • Check Show archived clients on the client list


How do I temporarily hide archived clients from my Client List?

All users are able to filter archived clients off of their Client List view. You can filter the Client List to show your connected clients only by using the Apply Special Filters tool. Please note this will filter out archived clients as well as Unconnected clients.

This filter will allow you to list all QuickBooks-integrated clients or all Xero-integrated clients on your Client List.

  1. Go to Apply Special Filters > Type

  2. Select which type of clients you'd like to filter for

    1. QuickBooks-integrated

    2. Xero-integrated

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