Tracking time
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Time tracking basics

  • Each tracked unit of time is called a timer

  • Timers can either be associated with Client Work or Firm Work

  • Timers can also be associated with a workstream

    • A workstream is a type of work, like Admin, Payroll, or Closing work

  • If you start a timer in a client's close, you can choose that close as the workstream

  • You can also mark timers as Billable or not billable and leave additional notes

Enabling time tracking

Time tracking is only available on Keeper Premium

To enable time tracking:

  1. Go to Practice Settings (⚙️ icon)

  2. Click Time Tracking

  3. Check the box that says Enable Time Tracking

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Starting a timer

You can start a timer from any page and choose whether the timer is for Client Work or Firm Work.

If you are in a client's close, your timer will automatically pre-fill with those values.

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The Time Tracking page

From the Client List, you can see a list of all timers across your firm by clicking the Time Tracking tab.

From here, you can edit or delete any timers you have created, or add new Timers for time not originally tracked through Keeper.

The Changed? column lets you see which timers have been changed.

The options you'll see in this column are:

  • Added - the timer was manually added on this page

  • Edited - the timer was tracked through Keeper, but the start or end time were edited

  • No - the timer was tracked through Keeper and the total time has not been edited

Note on User Roles: Admin users can see, edit, and delete all timers for all users.
Standard users can only see and edit their own timers.

Your Timers

If you need to quickly access your timers, you can click the Timer List icon to see them. This can be great for updating a timer you just finished, e.g., to adjust the Start Time or to add more information to the Timer's notes.

Time Tracker Notifications

If you want your team to track all the time they spend on clients in Keeper, Time Tracker Notifications is for you.

If this setting is enabled, you and your team will get a prompt to start a timer any time you go to a client's close. Users will also get a notification prompting them to switch timers if they go to a client that's different from their current time tracker.

You can enable this setting from your Time Tracking settings page.

Going to a client's close page

Switching Clients

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