Xero Integration

Getting started with Xero in Keeper!

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Much like Keeper's connection to QuickBooks, our Xero integration allows you to see and update all the information in your client's accounting file, including transactions, contacts, accounts, files, and more.

Refreshing Xero Data

When you connect a client's Xero file to Keeper, we first build a cache: a local copy of your file. Building this cache is typically quick, but for larger files it can take several minutes.

Every time you go to work on a client's close or refresh the page in Keeper, we update your Xero data, so you're always working with the latest information in Xero.

That said, if anything ever looks out of place, you can always initiate a hard refresh to pull all Xero data from scratch.

Click this button to hard refresh your Keeper data.

Editing Transactions in Keeper

In order to edit Xero transactions in Keeper, you need to install Keeper's Chrome Extension. This enables what we call the editing connection.

After you have installed the extension, a Xero window will pop open when you go to a client's close, and any time it needs to reestablish the editing connection (usually daily). Once this window has opened and loaded Xero, you can close it.

If you don't install the extension, you won't be able to edit transactions in Keeper, but you can still click a transaction's date to open it in Xero and edit it there.

Click a transaction's date to open it in Xero.

Troubleshooting issues with Keeper's Chrome Extension

Editing transactions in Keeper only works if you have installed Keeper's Chrome Extension.

If you see an error while editing a transaction, there are three common reasons why that might have happened:

  1. Keeper needs to reestablish a connection to Xero.

  2. Your browser is blocking the Xero window from opening.

  3. The Chrome Extension lacks the appropriate permissions.

Keeper needs to reestablish a connection to Xero.

This is the most common reason why the editing connection to Xero can fail, and it's an easy fix. Just click the link in the error message, or refresh your page in Keeper.

Click the link in the error message to open Xero and reestablish the editing connection.

Your browser is blocking the Xero window from opening.

If it's your first time using the Chrome Extension, and you don't see a Xero window open, your browser may be blocking pop-ups. You may also see an error like the ones below.

To fix this, make sure to allow pop-ups and redirects, and click Done. Then refresh the page and try again.

The Chrome Extension lacks the appropriate permissions.

If you still don't see a Xero window open, and all of your website settings allow pop-ups and redirects, your Chrome Extension may not have been given the appropriate permissions.

To fix that, paste the following link in your browser bar:


And make sure your settings have granted access to all of the required sites:

Troubleshooting other errors with the Xero Integration

If you continue to see errors with a client file's Xero integration, try disconnecting the app from Xero (here's a link to manage your apps). Then refresh your page in Keeper and reconnect the Xero file. If issues persist after trying that, please contact support.

How to create the [System Generated] 1099 Contacts Group in Xero

If you run into an error that looks like the below in Keeper, that means we were unable to add your contact as a 1099 contact in Xero.

This happens when we are not able to find the right contact group in your Xero file.

To add this contact group, go to any contact in the Xero file, click Edit, check the “Add this contact to the 1099 contact group” option, and Save the contact.

Other Information

Data Flow



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Rates ➡️

⬅️ Payments ➡️

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⬅️ Accounts ➡️

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How do I add a Xero client in Keeper?

From the Client List:

  1. Select Add Client

  2. Choose Xero

  3. Customize the Setup as needed

  4. Connect your new client!

How do I disconnect from Xero?

See more here! Deleting a client is the only way to manually disconnect their connection to Xero. Reach out to Keeper Support if you need the client disconnected!

From the Client List:

  1. Select the More Information button next to the client's name

  2. Select Delete Client in the bottom right-hand corner

    Only Admins have the ability to delete clients.

How do payment processing fees appear in Xero?

You won't see your payment fees appear in Xero. Instead, you'll see them in your Keeper bill.

When and how does data sync occur? Is it manual, automatic, on login, or in real time? Are there any settings related to synchronizing?

Data sync is real-time, so you will always have the latest data. Read more on that here.

Accounts payable (A/P) and accounts receivable (A/R) are not showing up in the Final Review section, why?

A/P Aging Summary and A/R Aging Summary reports are not supported for Xero clients in Keeper at this time.

Can I enable my client to be cash basis, or just accrual?

Xero does not currently have cash basis support at this time

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