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Email Templates

Saving common ways you communicate with your clients

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Email templates are a way to save standard communications you might have with your clients.

Note: Admins and Super Admins can only edit Email Templates.

Accessing Email Templates

There are two ways to access email templates in Keeper:

  1. From the Client List

    1. Click Templates

    2. Click Emails

  2. From any client's close

    1. Click Client Portal

    2. Click Client Emails

    3. Click Email Templates

Default templates

Keeper comes stock with seven default templates:

  • Intro Email – an introductory email you can send to your clients with information on how the Client Portal works, as well as the link to their portal

  • New Questions Email – a quick email to let your client know that you have new questions for them in their Client Portal

  • Reminder Email – the email to use when sending automated reminders

  • We Responded Email – tell your clients you responded in the Portal

  • New Reports in the Portal – tell your clients you published the latest financials

  • Management Report Email – attach and send their latest Management Report

  • New Client Onboarding – send to new clients you are onboarding to your firm

Custom templates

You can customize any of the above three default templates or create your own to use here.

You can use Merge Tags to add customization to these templates. The available merge tags are:

  • Client Name – the client's name

  • Client Portal URL – the link to your client's portal

  • Contact First Name – the first name of the Client Portal Contact you're emailing

  • Practice Name – your practice name

  • Unanswered Questions Count – the count of unanswered questions in the Client Portal

  • Sign Into Blurb – a hyperlink to their Client Portal that says "sign into the Client Portal"

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