Inviting Clients to the Client Portal

How to add contacts in Keeper

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Once you have added your client's file in Keeper, there are two steps to inviting your client to their Client Portal:

  1. Adding them as a Contact

  2. Sending them an Intro Email

Adding Your Client as a Contact

  1. Open the client in Keeper

  2. Select Portal from the top of the page

  3. Click Add Contact

  4. Enter your client's contact information in the New Contact window

  5. Save

Things to Know

  • First Name and Email are required fields

  • Financial Access allows this contact to see financial reports posted to the portal

  • Files Access allows this contact to see any files you make visible in the portal

  • Add a Phone Number to be able to text your clients!

Send an Intro Email

After saving your contact, make sure to send an Intro Email via the 'Send Email' column to complete the invitation process.

Once the contact accesses the portal for the first time, you'll see a date show up in the "Last seen" column.

Last Seen will only show sessions on or after August 31st, 2023.

The Intro Email Template

The Intro Email will default to include a link to your Client Portal! Change between templates using the drop down menu at the top right of the window.

Select Email Templates at the top of the window to see a list of all email templates!

You can choose to edit default templates or add new custom templates.

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