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Non-Closing Tasks
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Non-closing tasks are any task that is not associated with a close.

These are perfect for one-off tasks or recurring client work unrelated to your month-end close.

For example, you can use non-closing tasks to create a Run Payroll task that runs biweekly or a File 1099s task scheduled every year in January.

Because they're not tied to particular closes, you'll always see the same list of non-closing tasks on your Close page, regardless of which close you're working on.

If you want a task to be tied to a particular close, like a monthly Journal Entry you need to post, check out Closing Tasks.

Recurring Tasks

You can make non-closing tasks recur on a schedule. Keeper supports the following recurring schedules:

  • Daily (Weekdays)

  • Weekly (including biweekly, every three weeks, etc.)

  • Monthly (including bi-monthly, every three months, etc.)

  • Quarterly

  • Annually

Some example schedules you can create:




every two weeks on Tuesday

Sales Tax Filing

every quarter on the 15th day of the 1st month

Bill Pay

every month on the 10th day, and every month on the 25th day

Closing task due dates automatically occur on a monthly cadence. Because of this, only non-closing task due dates can be set on a custom schedule at this time.

Creating Non-Closing Tasks

You can create a non-closing task by going into any client and clicking Add Task in the Non-Closing Tasks section of the page.

From here, you can give it a name, description, subtasks, assignees, and a due date or recurring schedule.

Copying non-closing tasks across clients

To copy Non-closing tasks from one client to another:

First, Go to the client you want to copy to, and click the Copy Into box next to Non-Closing tasks.

Then, select the client you want to copy from, then select the tasks to copy, and click Add.

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You can have multiple sections of non-closing tasks. Sections are great for breaking up your work into different logical groups.

Firms will commonly create custom sections for processes like Payroll, Tax, and Onboarding.

For sections with one-time work, such as onboarding, you can hide the section when you're finished:

Each section also shows up as its own column on the client list, which can be very helpful for creating custom views (e.g., for a client onboarding view):

You can create, rename, reorder, and delete your sections in your Practice Settings -> Section Manager.

Non-Closing Tags

You can tag non-closing tasks to keep your work organized, and you can use the filters at the top to filter the Non-Closing Tasks section for only tasks that have that tag.

How to customize your Tags list and colors

  1. Click Practice Settings (⚙️ icon)

  2. Click Practice and Statements

  3. Click the Tasks tab

  4. Select Non-Closing Task Tags

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