Closing Tasks

The basics of closing tasks.

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Closing tasks are any tasks you do as part of the month-end close.

This includes work such as account reconciliations, any custom tasks you might create, and the file review reports you run on your clients' files.

Assigning tasks and due dates / how closing tasks repeat

All assignees and due dates will repeat when you start new closes.

For example, if you're working on the June close, and you've assigned a task to User A and made it due on July 8th, when you start the July close, that task will be assigned to User A and due on August 8th.

You can assign tasks and due dates in two ways.

You can manually choose a due date or assignee for each task by clicking the pickers on the task.

Or, you can bulk-add tasks or assignees to all tasks in a particular section by clicking the (...) menu on the right side of a section.


Keeper comes with 7 pre-defined sections:

General (a non-closing task section).


Data entry work before performing your reconciliations – like bank feed coding or POS Journal Entries.

Account Reconciliations

The accounts you reconcile for a client

Transaction Review

The file QA tasks for reviewing transactions - See Transaction Review Reports

Payee/Entity Review

the file QA tasks for reviewing payees - See Entity Review Reports

Final Review

Where you can review your client's financial statements - See Financial Statements.

Additional Items

Any other tasks you want to add to the close - for example, delivering financial statements.

You can also rename, reorder, delete, and create new sections from your section manager in your settings.

To get there, click the gear icon in the top right corner (⚙️), then click the Sections tab.

Creating new tasks

You can create a new task by clicking the Add Task button below each section.

If you are in the Transaction Review, Payee/Entity Review, or Final Review, Add New will allow you to add new reports, such as Transactions without Class (if you have Class enabled).

If you are in the other sections, clicking Add new will allow you to create custom tasks with subtasks.

You can reorder all tasks by dragging and dropping them.

Account Reconciliation Tasks

When you add a client, Keeper automatically pulls all bank and credit card accounts as Account Reconciliation Tasks.

If any of these are not accounts you regularly reconcile, you can remove them. You can also add loans and other accounts you reconcile by clicking the Add New button at the bottom of the section.

Account Reconciliation tasks will show you the date of the Last Reconciled Transaction as well as the balance of the account as of month-end.

If you click into an Account Reconciliation task, you will see a ledger of all transactions in that account. You can also filter this report for transactions with the following states:

  • Reconciled – the transaction has been verified in a reconciliation

  • Cleared but not reconciled – the transaction has been added from the bank feed but not verified in a reconciliation

  • Uncleared – the transaction has not been matched to a bank feed item or reconciled to a statement

Intercompany Reconciliations

You can also configure Account Reconciliation tasks to show balances from other QuickBooks files to make it easier to reconcile intercompany accounts (see: Intercompany Transfers).

Timestamped account balances

You can also add a timestamped balance column to display the balance of the account timestamped to when you completed the task. This can help you identify accounts whose balances have changed since you reconciled them.

If the timestamped balance does not match the live book balance, that means something has changed in the account since you reconciled it, so you can click into the task to see the register and investigate.

You can enable this column from your Practice Settings (⚙️) -> Tasks.

Timestamped balances will only be captured for tasks completed on the Close page. They will not be captured for tasks completed on the Task List.

Balances will also only be recorded for tasks completed after February 28, 2024.

Moving Tasks

To move closing tasks between sections, open them and click the Move Task button.


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