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Management Reports / Client Financials

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The Management Report includes the following (which can be disabled if not needed):

  • A Cover Sheet

  • Key Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet accounts

  • The full Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows. Plus additional Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports if needed

  • The Profit and Loss Detail Report

  • Top Customers by Revenue and Top Vendors by Spend

  • A/P and A/R aging reports

  • Graphs of key business metrics

Any sections that are not relevant to your particular client can be disabled before publishing the report.

Note: You can now enable Monochrome Insights in your reports! This will update your insight colors to black text, rather than the default red & green.

Just go to your Practice & statement settings > Statements & reporting!

Example Management Report

Click below to view a sample Management Report package or scroll to the bottom of the article to download:

Disabling/excluding reports

If there are any reports that you do not want to include in your client's reporting package, you can delete them by clicking the () button next to that report's name.

You can always re-add any report at any time by clicking the Add report.


To add Footnotes to your client's Financial Statements, click the Footnotes button in the top bar and add your notes to the lines you'd like to annotate.

You can also add footnotes to your client's financials from your account reconciliation tasks on the close page.

Delivering the Management Report

You can deliver Management Reports by emailing them, printing them as a PDF, or adding them directly to the Client Portal.

If you want your clients to see these reports, enable financial access in the Client Portal.

Document image

Once you have published your reports to the portal, you can also view them on the Client List.

Uploading your own Management Report

If you use a different tool to create your management reports, you can upload those to Keeper instead of using Keeper's report builder.

To do this, go to reporting, click Publish, and then choose "Upload & publish custom report".

Frequently Asked Questions

See here for frequently asked questions about Management Reporting: Reporting FAQs.

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