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Starting new closes

If you’re still waiting on a client to answer your questions, you can still start the latest close in Keeper.

All questions in Keeper carry over to future closes, so that you can safely start the next month-end close, and all your questions will still be there.

You can start a new close from the Client List by clicking the "Start [New Month] Close" button on or on the Close Page.

Year-end reporting

Here are our recommendations for how to update the reports for year-end:

Executive Summary: Switch the aggregation to Yearly.

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Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet: switch the aggregation to Quarter and change the date range to 4 Quarters.

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Cash Flow Statement: change the date range to 12 months.

Top 10 Customers and Top 10 Vendors: change the date range to YTD

Once you've made these customizations, save them as a template so you can apply them to your other clients!

PS – make sure you're in the December close to get the entire year of data.

Check image requests

If you have one person in your firm responsible for fetching statements and check images from client bank accounts, In-App Chat (Collaboration) is a great way to request those images.

If a bookkeeper sees they need a check image for a particular transaction, they can @-tag the person with bank account access to fetch that check image.

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The tagged user will receive an email and see it in their In-App Comments inbox.

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From that inbox, they can go directly to the transaction, upload the check image (and push it to QuickBooks), and respond to the requester, letting them know that the check image has been added.

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Using 'Search All Transactions' as a General Ledger review

If you want to quickly scan all transactions in the last month of a client's file, the best way to do this is with Keeper's Search All Transactions feature.

To set Search All Transactions up to review the last month:

  1. Click Re-run Report

  2. Filter the transaction date for the month you want to review

  3. Click the account column to sort by account

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