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Keeper Receipts (Beta)

AI-based receipt and bill processing.

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Keeper Receipts is Keeper's AI-powered receipt and bill processing functionality. It lets you easily collect documents from your clients, process them with rules and AI, and post them to your client's QuickBooks file.

Keeper Receipts is only compatible with QuickBooks Online at this time. Support for Xero is coming soon.

Overview Video

Check out the video below for a quick tour of how Keeper Receipts works:

Uploading files

All of Keeper Receipts lives right inside your Client Uploads Inbox.

Your clients can upload files for you here from the Client Portal or by emailing or texting you.

To receive documents by email, you can set up a client forwarding email. This is a unique email address tied to that client. Contacts, users, or even outside vendors can all email that address, and the documents will show up in the inbox.

To receive documents by text, your client should text a picture or file to your Practice Phone Number.

You can also upload files manually by clicking the Add files button in the top right.

Scanning files

Once you have a file in your Uploads inbox, you can scan it to parse it with our AI. Once the scanning process finishes, all files that relate to transactions will move down to the Transaction files area.

From there, you can add or edit information about the transaction, such as its vendor or category.

You can also turn on Auto scanning to automatically scan all files.

Processing and posting transactions

Once a document is in your Transaction files table, Keeper will automatically suggest vendors, categories, classes, and locations based on the data from the receipt and your client's transaction history.

You can edit any of fields before posting. To preview the full file, click the file's name.


You can also create rules to help automate processing for common or repeating receipts.

Vendor rules are tied to a particular vendor, but you can create rules based on any text in the receipt, and multiple rules can apply to a single receipt.

For example, you can create a rule to automatically set the payment account of an expense if a receipt contains the last 4 digits of that card.

Matching transactions

For every receipt, Keeper will look through your ledger for potential matches to existing transactions. This greatly reduces the likelihood that you'll post a duplicate transaction.

If you confirm the match, the receipt will be added as an attachment to the existing transaction.

Posting transactions

When you've finished editing your receipt, you can post it to the ledger - creating a new transaction. Once the transaction posts successfully, we'll also give you a link to open that transaction directly in QuickBooks.

Creating multiple transactions from one receipt file

If an uploaded receipt needs to be matched or posted to more than one transaction, use the "Duplicate transaction file" option to create copies of the original receipt. Once the file has been duplicated, it will be located in the Transaction Files table and can be matched or posted to a transaction.

Viewing Posted Transactions

After you've posted or matched a receipt to a transaction, you can view all the transaction details in the Posted Transactions table. This video walks you through how to access the table.

Asking questions about receipts

If you need to ask your client a question about a transaction file, you can ask it here as well.

Once you ask the question, it will show up in the Transaction Questions section of your Client Portal. That's because – from the client's perspective – this question is still a transaction question, it's just about one that has not been posted yet.

You can also see all transaction file questions you've asked your clients in the Transaction questions tab in Keeper.

The Staging Area

If a contact with multiple accounting files texts you a receipt, Keeper will place that receipt into a staging area so you can review them and choose which clients they should go to.

Getting Started

Setting up your client forwarding email

When you first enable Keeper Receipts for a client, you'll be prompted to set up their client forwarding email. This address is unique per client, so any emails they send to this address will always show up in their Client Uploads Inbox.

Once you set up this address, you can give it to your clients to forward emails to. All forwarding emails end in, and they cannot be changed after they are set.

You do not have to be a contact to send emails to this email – users or vendors can also send documents to this email.

You can also set up your client forwarding emails in bulk from your Practice Settings -> All Client Settings.

Setting up your phone number to receive texts

If you have already set up your practice phone number, you're already all set up here! If not, you can set this up in Practice Settings -> Client Portal -> Branding -> Practice phone number.

Best Practices

Credit Card Rules

If you know a particular card is tied to a particular bank or credit card account, we recommend adding a rule that recognizes the last 4 digits of that card and sets the transactions to an expense and the payment account to that bank / credit card account.

Make all transactions default to a bill

If you want to make all transactions default to a bill, you can do this by creating a rule that matches all transactions and sets the type to "Bill".

To create a criteria that matches all transactions, we recommend using: Scanned text contains " " (a single space).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I add my practice to the beta?

The Receipts beta is not automatically enabled for your practice. To add this capability, reach out to Keeper Support at!

Who can enable Keeper Receipts?

Only Admins and Super Admins can enable Keeper Receipts and set client forwarding


How can I see transactions I have posted in Keeper Receipts?

Click the "posted" button in the top right corner of your Transaction files to view transactions you have posted from Keeper Receipts.



During the beta, Keeper Receipts only costs $5 per client per month.

Keeper Receipts costs an additional $15 per client per month, on top of your Keeper Premium subscription. You can add it to your subscription within a client's file from your Client Uploads Inbox. You can also bulk manage your Receipts subscriptions from your All Client Settings.

If you add Keeper Receipts to a client's file, a pro-rated amount of the cost of your subscription will be added to your next invoice. Afterwards, you will be billed the full amount on your normal billing cycle.

For example, if you are billed on the 1st of every month, and you add a Keeper Receipts subscription on December 15th, a pro-rated amount of $7.50 will be added to your January invoice for use of Keeper Receipts in December.

Keeper Receipts is only required to access the scanning and processing / rules functionality, as well as the client forwarding emails. You can still post a transaction from a document without subscribing to Keeper Receipts.

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