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Notifying your Client/Reminders

How reminders work in Keeper

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Once you have asked questions in Keeper, there are two ways to let your clients know they have new questions in their portal: manually and via automated reminders.

By default, all emails send from If you have Custom Branding (Whitelabel) enabled, these emails will send from the practice email you specify.

Manual emails

The first way to notify your clients is by manually emailing them. You can write a new email each time you need to notify your clients, or you can use an email template. Click HERE to learn more about email templates.

How to Send a manual email to a Client

  1. Click Client Portal

  2. Choose the Client Emails tab

  3. In the 'Send To:' field, select the contact you would like to email from the dropdown menu

  4. Click Send

Automated Email Reminders

The second way to notify your clients is by enabling automated email reminders.

When this feature is enabled, Keeper will automatically email your client a reminder if they have any unanswered questions in their Client Portal.

Enabling Automated Email Reminders

To enable automated email reminders, check the "Email Reminders Enabled" box on that client's close.

By default, these reminders will send once weekly at 8 AM ET on Monday.

How to bulk-enable email reminders

  1. Click Practice Settings (⚙️ icon)

  2. Click All Client Settings

  3. Click the Close tab

How to change reminder frequency

If you want to change the frequency of these reminders, you can do so at the practice level:

  1. Click Practice Settings (⚙️ icon)

  2. Click Client Portal Settings

  3. Click the Reminders tab

Click HERE to learn how to customize the messaging of the reminders email.

Which questions trigger reminder emails?

If reminders are enabled, your clients will receive a reminder if they have at least one question that is both unresolved and unanswered.

  • If a question shows as "Waiting on Client", then the client will receive a reminder email.

  • If they have answered a question, but you have not yet resolved it, Keeper will not email them - because the ball is in your court to take action.

Here are a few examples:

^ This question will not trigger a reminder email because the client has responded.

^ This question will not trigger a reminder email because you have marked it Resolved.

^ This question will trigger a reminder email because it is "Waiting on Client".

Note: You do not need to add a follow-up question to acknowledge receipt of a file. Asking a follow-up question will prompt the client for additional input.

Texting your Clients

You can text your clients by going to the Client Portal tab in that client's close and clicking the Client Texts tab.

Texting your clients is only available on Keeper Premium.

How to Setup Client Texts

  1. Practice Settings (⚙️ icon)

  2. Click Client Portal

  3. Select the Branding tab in the top menu

  4. Select Practice Phone Number from the bottom menu

  5. Select the phone number to use to text your client


This number cannot be changed after it is selected!

The number you choose for this feature is a new number issued to you through Keeper. It is not your current phone number.

This feature is currently only supported in the US and Canada.

Automated Text Reminders

Text reminders work functionally the same as automated email reminders, but the reminder is sent as a text instead of an email.

These reminders will send at the same time as your automated email reminders. See here for how to change your reminder frequency.

To enable automated text reminders, check the "Text Reminders Enabled" box on that client's close.

Email Blasts

If you want to send an email to all your contacts, you can do this from your All Contacts tab in your Client Portal settings.

  1. Click Practice Settings (⚙️ icon)

  2. Click Client Portal

  3. Click the All Contacts tab

  4. Click the Send Email Blast button

Clicking that button will open an email editor that will let you send an email to some or all of your contacts.

Document image

For example, If you have a lot of clients, you can use the Intro Email template to easily invite all of your contacts to their new Client Portal.


Do my clients get emails when I ask a transaction question?

No – clients are not notified when you ask a transaction question.

This is to allow you to prepare the list of questions you want to ask, and then send them a notification about all of them at once.

When you're ready, you can send manual emails notifying your clients about new questions in their portal or set up reminders to automatically email your clients on a certain day.

Will my client be notified when I answer their question?

NOT automatically - if you answer a question that your client asks you, Keeper will not automatically notify them.

Instead, when you're ready, you can use the We responded button in the Questions from Client section to tell them about it.

This will open up the email editor and pre-fill a template email that you can send to them through Keeper.

Can I change the practice phone number used to text clients?

NO - this number cannot be changed after it is chosen. Choose wisely!

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