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Close Assignees (Preparer/Reviewer/Manager)
Close Assignees (Preparer/Reviewer/Manager)

Assigning Users to client closes

Updated over a week ago

Close Assignees is a way to track who is responsible for a particular client's close.

There are three roles that you can enable: Preparer, Reviewer, and Manager.

  • Preparer – the person responsible for doing the initial bookkeeping work

  • Reviewer – the person responsible for reviewing the preparer's work, and possibly for delivering financials

  • Manager – the person ultimately responsible for the client's close.

You can choose to enable either or both roles.

How to enable close assignees

  1. Go to Practice Settings (⚙️ icon)

  2. Select Practice and Statements

  3. Select Tasks

  4. Turn on Enable Preparer, Enable Reviewer, and/or Enable Manager

How to change the Close Assignee labels

You can change your close assignee labels in your Practice Settings – just below where you enable Close Assignees.

This lets you rename any of the roles to titles that better suit your firm.

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