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Search All Transactions
Search All Transactions

Searching client files in Keeper

Updated over a week ago

Keeper's Search All Transactions feature is a great way to find any transaction you're looking for in a file. It works similarly to QuickBooks' Reclassify Transactions Tool, or like an Excel Spreadsheet of all transactions in the close.

Accessing Search All Transactions

You can access this feature from any client's close page.

Once you're in Search All Transactions, you can use the search box to search for anything you're looking for, whether that's a payee, a description, an account, an amount, or any other property.

If you leave the search box blank and just click Re-run report, you'll see all transactions in the close.

Search results view

After you've run a search, you can use column filtering and sorting to further drill down on the transactions you're looking for.

You can also reclassify transactions individually or use Bulk editing.

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