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How to use Keeper for cleanups

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Keeper is an excellent tool for cleanups, but there are a few things to know to make sure you get the most out of it for your cleanup and catch-up work.

One vital piece to understand is the way Keeper fetches transaction data. Keeper pulls the last 12 months of transaction data for a given close for performance reasons. So if you are in a client’s May 2022 close, Keeper will pull data from April 2021 to May 2022.

As a result, you won’t be able to see all transactions for all time in every report.

Catch-ups (1 year)

You can do that all in one close for single-year catch-ups (i.e., no work in the prior year) since all File Review reports can be run on a year-to-date basis.

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Cleanups (multiple years)

For multi-year cleanups, we recommend creating one December close for each year you are cleaning up. For example, if you are doing a cleanup for 2020 - 2022, we recommend creating:

  • A December 2020 close

  • A December 2021 close

  • the latest close in the current year (May 2022 as of this writing)

That way, you can see all 2020 transactions in the December 2020 close, all 2021 transactions in the December 2021 close, and all 2022 transactions in the latest close in the current year.

Read more on how to start and navigate to closes for prior periods here:

Heads up! If you have added a client as an Unconnected Client that you plan to convert them to QuickBooks Online, do not add prior-year closes until you have converted them.

When you create an older close in Keeper, we copy the tasks for that older close from the latest close, and we only update the latest close when you integrate a client's QuickBooks file.

Cleanups for Tax Returns

If you are working on reviewing a client's books for their tax return, we recommend creating a close for December of that year.

Asking questions in the Client Portal

One more important thing to note is that the Client Portal is not broken up-per close. So if you ask your client a question from any close, they'll all show up in the same place in the Client Portal. So your clients can see and answer all questions in one place.

However, to see your client's response to a coding question about a 2021 transaction, you'll need to go back to the December 2021 close that would include that transaction.

If you have an open question in a transaction that you can only see in a prior close, you'll see a warning about that that looks like this.

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