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Why aren't my transactions showing up?

  • Not pulling the latest QBO data

    • if you are working on a client's close in Keeper and QBO at the same time, and you add transactions in QBO, you'll need to refresh the page in Keeper for them to show up

  • Not in the correct close

    • Keeper only pulls the last 12 months of transaction data for a given close, so if you want to see transactions older than that, you'll need to go to an older close

    • If you're not in the latest close, you can start the latest close to see new transactions

  • Transactions marked as reviewed

    • If any transactions are marked as Reviewed, you'll need to click Reviewed to see them - More on that here

  • Still in the Bank Feed:

    • Keeper can't see transactions when they are still sitting in the bank feed

Also, for certain reports:

  • Uncategorized Transactions

    • Make sure your uncategorized accounts are mapped - More on that here

  • Transaction Questions

    • Make sure you have asked a question for it to show up in this report - More on that here

Read Missing Transactions for more details.

How do I turn on class, location, or customers for a client file?

Option 1: In one client's close

In a client's close, click the three dots next to a client's name, then click the option that says Client settings to open their file settings, check the relevant setting you want to enable, and click Save.

Option 2: Bulk editing for all your clients

Click the Practice Settings (⚙️ icon) then click All Client Settings. From here, you can edit the file settings for all of your clients.

How do I add a new report to my client's close?

To add a new report to a single client, go to their close and click Add New under the section where you want to add the report.

Document image

Can I add a report to ALL Clients?

Yes - Simply create a Close Template that includes that report and bulk add it to all the clients you'd like.

Check out more on those here: Close Templates

How do I set my Uncategorized Transactions accounts?

To set the accounts you want to show up in the Uncategorized Transactions report, add them to the picker at the top of the report.

These accounts will be saved with your client's settings, so you only need to do this one time per client.

Why does my account's Last Reconciled Transaction date not match the date of my latest reconciliation?

Due to limitations in the QuickBooks Online API, Keeper is not able to see the date of the last reconciliation. We are only able to see the date of the last reconciled transaction.

Sometimes you may find that the date of the Last Reconciled Transaction in Keeper doesn't line up exactly with the date of your latest close.

Document image

This can happen for a couple of reasons:

  1. If this account does not have many transactions in it

    1. If the date of the latest transaction in the account is several months prior to your current close, then the Last Reconciled Transaction will still be that transaction's date, even if you have reconciled through the latest period

  2. If you are in an older close

    1. Keeper fetches 12 months of transaction data leading up to the close that you are working on, so if you are in the December 2021 close for example, Keeper will fetch data from January 2021 - December 2021

    2. As a result, the Last Reconciled Transaction date may show as some date in 2020, even if you have reconciled that account through a later month

What does the Unlinked Accounts warning mean?

If you see a warning like this one:

Document image

Don't worry! This can happen occasionally with older Keeper accounts (pre-July 2021). It's a very minor issue and a super simple fix.

This happens because we updated our fetching logic in July to be better at getting account data, and this revealed that our fetching was not working properly on some accounts. Most commonly, this happened if you updated the account's name or number.

All you need to do to get this task pulling data properly again is delete it and re-add it by clicking:

  1. The task name

  2. Delete

  3. Add New at the bottom of the section

Why does a variance show up?

Variances show you how your spend is trending over time. They appear on your financial statements when the account balance in the current month goes up or down by more than 20%, with a minimum of $100.

How are the variances on the Profit and Loss calculated?

They are calculated by comparing the current month's balance to the trailing average of all prior months in the report.

In the example below, the current month of December ($1,556) is 26% less than the average of October ($2,136) and November ($2,066).

Variance example in Keeper

How can I mark an expense as billable to a customer?

To mark an expense as billable, open the Transaction Detail pane, add a Customer, and then check the box in the Billable column (adding a customer is required to mark a transaction line item as billable.

if you don't see a Customer column, make sure to enable Customers in your client file.

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