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Your dashboard of what's happening in your practice.

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The Client List is the first page you will see when you log into Keeper. You can think of it like a high-level dashboard of all of your clients and closes.

On it, you can see high-level summaries of your...

You can also filter this list by any of the above values to create Saved Views.

From any close, you can get back to the client list by clicking the Home button.

Historical closes

If you want to see or start an older close, you can click the arrow in the circle to the left of the client's name. This will let you see all older closes, as well as start, closes from older periods.

For example, if you wanted to do a 2020 cleanup, you could click Add Previous Month End Close, choose December 2020, and that would create a December close. In that close, you can run all the reports contextualized to that date range.

For more info on cleanups, see our best practices guide on them here: Cleanups

Open Closes

If you want to stay on top of closes from prior periods that may still be active, you can also filter the client list to show All Open closes or All Closes.


To filter your client list, click the filter button next to the Client name search box.

Quick View

If you click on any cell on the Client List, you can see all of the tasks in that section.

Client Properties and Saved Views

You can add Client Properties to your Client List to give you more information about your clients.

For example, you can have a checkbox property for VIP so you can filter to show only your VIP clients.

You can even save these views for easy access later and share them so your whole team can have access.

How to delete a saved view

  1. Click More Options (three dots) next to the 'Closes' filters

  2. Click Delete from the dropdown menu

Delete a saved view in Keeper

Things to know about saved views:

  • The Default view cannot be modified or deleted

    • There is only one option for the Default view and that is 'Duplicate'

  • You cannot delete a saved view created by a different user

    • Have them log into their Keeper account to delete the view

  • Views can be private to a user or shared with the entire firm

Hiding columns

You can show or hide any columns you want on the Client List.


If you have Close statuses enabled, you can view your closes on a Kanban board to get a more visual sense of the status of each client's close.

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Adding Tasks

You can add tasks to your clients directly from the Client List. Click in the cell you want to add that task to and click Add Task.

Latest Published Financials

You can view your clients' latest published financials right from the Client List by adding the "Latest published financial report" column to any view. If you click the cell, you can read the report as well.

For more on publishing Management Reports, read this article.

Bulk Start Closes

You can bulk start the latest close for all of your clients by clicking the Create closes button.

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