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Close Templates (Deprecated)

How to copy closing work to clients

Updated over a week ago

Close Templates have been deprecated. Check out their upgraded replacement: Task Templates.

Close Templates are a way to build out templates for your closing work that you can copy to clients in Keeper.

Once you have created a new Close Template in Keeper, you can add it to any new client.

Creating a Close Template

To create a Close Template, go to the Client List page and click the Templates button in the top center.

From here:

  1. Click Closes

  2. Click Add New, then give your template a name

  3. Then, add any tasks in any sections for your close.

    • This can include recurring Non-Closing Tasks, and you can also add due dates and assignees to tasks

How close assignees work with close templates

If you assign a task in a Close Template to the preparer, reviewer, or manager that task will be automatically assigned to the preparer, reviewer, or manager of that client.

Close assignees

What if I change the close assignee?

If you change the preparer, reviewer, or manager you can re-apply the template to update the assignees.

For more on close assignees, check out:

Using a Close Template

Once you have created a Close Template, you can add it to existing clients by clicking Add to Client.

You can also add it to new clients when you add them to Keeper by selecting this template in the Add Another Client interface.

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