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Task Templates

Create reusable bundles of tasks and questions

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Task Templates are how you can create bundles of Closing Tasks, Non-Closing Tasks, and Non-Transaction Questions to apply to new or existing clients in Keeper.

They combine and replace the older Close Templates and Project Templates.

They are a great way to create reusable bundles of tasks or questions that you need often.

For example, you can create a Task Template for New Client Onboarding, cleanups, specific tasks for your eCommerce clients, or for specific payroll tasks for different payroll systems.

Once you have created a Task Template, you can apply it to any existing client. You can also add multiple templates to a client creating a new client.

Video Overview

How close assignees work with Task Templates

If you assign a task in a Task Template to the preparer, reviewer, or manager that task will be automatically assigned to the preparer, reviewer, or manager of that client.

Close assignees

What if I change the close assignee?

If you change the preparer, reviewer, or manager you can re-apply the template to update the assignees.

For more on close assignees, check out:

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