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Chat and collaborate with your team in Keeper

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In-app comments allow you to collaborate with your team through comments on tasks, transactions, accounts, clients, and more.

Heads up! All comments are internal to your firm and are not visible to the client.

Where you can comment and respond

You can leave a comment anywhere you see the comment bubble icon!

If you @-tag a team member, they will get notified in their comment inbox and by email. You can leave comments on transactions, tasks, accounts, questions, or on the main client feed.

Comment notification emails will look something like this!

Comment notification emails only send once every 15 minutes, and group all the unread comments together! If a comment is read in Keeper before the email sends, it will not send an email.

The Client Comments Feed

Clicking the Comments button at the top of a close page will take you to the client comments feed.

This feed shows you all comments left on the client or on related objects like transactions, questions, or accounts.

You can filter this feed to show open, unread, or all comments.

The Comment Inbox

The comment inbox in the top right-hand corner of the app will show you all comments you are subscribed to (i.e., comments you've created or have been @-tagged in) across all clients.

You can filter the comment inbox by open, unread, or all comments.

Comments on the Client List

If you add the comments column on the Client List, you can see and act on open comments from your team - like a Slack channel for each client's work.

Comment Thread Statuses (Resolvable Comments)

Comments can be marked "open" to indicate that a user needs to act on them.

Comment statuses are global, so everyone on the team can easily see which comments still need to be resolved. Users can also see who resolved or reopened a thread.

Any user can mark any thread as open, and @-tagging a user in a thread will also automatically mark a thread as open.

Disabling emails about comments

You can turn off emails about comments in your user settings:

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