In-App Chat (Collaboration)
Collaborate with your team in Keeper
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In-app chat allows you to collaborate with your team through comments on tasks, transactions, accounts, and clients.

If you @-tag a team member, they will get notified in their task inbox. You can leave comments on transactions, tasks, accounts, questions, or on the main client feed.

Where you can comment and respond

Note: Comments are internal to the firm and are not seen by the client

The Client Feed

Clicking the chat button at the top of a close page will take you to the Client Feed. This shows you all comments left in the client feed or in other related entities like Transactions, Questions, or accounts.

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The Comment Inbox

The comment inbox in the top right-hand corner of the app will show you all un-archived comments that you have been tagged in.

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Chat on the Client List

If you add the chat column on the Client List, you can see and act on open chats from your team - like a Slack channel for each client's work.

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