How to Add, Edit, & Delete Clients

Manage Client details in Keeper

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Adding a Client

From the Client List:

  1. Select Add Client

  2. Choose from QBO, Xero, or Unconnected

  3. Customize the Setup as needed

  4. Connect your new client!

Deleting a Client

From the Client List:

  1. Select the More Information button next to the client's name

  2. Select Delete Client in the bottom right-hand corner

    Only Admins have the ability to delete clients.

You may need to scroll to the right to see Delete Client

Things to know when deleting a client:

  • This action cannot be undone!

  • Deleting a client deletes all client data

  • Deleting a client does NOT delete associated Client Portal contacts

    • The client will no longer show as a listed business for the contact

  • Users cannot manually archive or disconnect their integrated clients in Keeper

Editing / Renaming a Client (Business)

  1. Go to your Practice Settings (⚙️ icon)

  2. Navigate to All Client Settings

  3. Select the Edit button below the client's (business) name

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