Gmail Integration

Create and edit tasks from email.

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Are clients emailing you tasks and requests? Keeper's Gmail integration allows you to create and assign tasks in Keeper without leaving your inbox.

When creating or editing a task, you can add assignees, due dates, and priority. Creating the task will also automatically add a PDF attachment of the email body so you can maintain context when completing your work in Keeper.

Mobile Gmail

If you use Gmail's mobile app, adding Keeper's add-on also lets you create tasks from the app as well.

Common Errors


If you run into an error that looks like the below, try adding the add-on in Incognito.

Alternatively, you can logout of all of your Google accounts and only log back into the email you want to connect, but that strikes the author as a much bigger PITA.

Either way, this error only happens when adding the app.

After you've added it, there are no issues with having multiple logged-in Google accounts.

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Can't find the add-on sidebar

If you can't find the add-on sidebar, there's a tiny carrot in the corner that you can select to open it.

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