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Use Zapier to connect Keeper to your other apps.

Updated over a week ago

Zapier lets you connect Keeper to the other apps you use to run your business. For example, you can use it to:

  • Create new clients in Keeper from signed proposals in Ignition

  • Create new tasks in Keeper from emails in your inbox.

To get started making zaps with Keeper, check out: Zapier - Keeper

New Signed Proposals to New Clients

Since we recorded the above video, we've added three steps you can take to further streamline the process of New Client Onboarding.

After creating a client, you can also create their associated contact, update any Client Properties, and apply a New Client Onboarding Template right from Zapier.

So the basic four actions you can take after initiating the zap are:

  1. Create a new client

  2. Create a new contact that's associated with that client

  3. Update any of that client's properties

  4. Apply a Project Template to that client

For the Project Template's Template ID, you can find that by going to your Project Templates section and grabbing the ID from the top right-hand corner. You can also use the special ID "onboarding", which will automatically resolve to your New Client Onboarding Project Template.

Document image

Email to Keeper Task setup

For the Email to Keeper Task zap, if you have contacts with access to multiple clients, you can use the Code by Zapier action to get the first client associated with that contact. When setting that up, use the Input Data and code shown below:

copyable code:var obj = {}; obj.value = inputData.clientIds.split(",")[0]; return obj;
var obj = {}; 
obj.value = inputData.clientIds.split(",")[0]; =
return obj;

Heads Up: if you use Gmail, Keeper's Gmail add-in offers a more seamless experience than setting up a Zap.

Best Practices / Recommendations

  • If you are setting a date-type property via Zapier, we recommend using an unambiguous date format like YYYY/MM/DD. That way, there's no confusion on whether 12/4 means December 4th or April 12th!

List of supported Zapier Triggers and Actions

Keeper's Zapier integration supports the following triggers and actions:

Triggers (do something when this happens in Keeper)

Actions (when something happens in another system, do something in Keeper)

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