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Client Facing: The Client Portal

Welcome to Keeper! Here is your guide to your Client Portal.

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Welcome to your guide to the Keeper Client Portal! If you've ever wondered how your bookkeeper or accountant stays organized and manages your financial information efficiently, you're in the right place.

This article is tailored specifically for you, the client, to help you navigate and understand the ins and outs of the Keeper Client Portal. Whether you're new to the platform or looking to make the most of its features, we've got you covered! Let's dive in and explore how Keeper simplifies financial management for both you and your trusted financial professional.

The Layout

Note: Your portal may look different depending on the branding chosen and features enabled!

The basics of the portal revolve around a few core features:

  • Transaction Questions

  • Non-Transaction Questions

  • Financial Reporting

  • File sharing

Signing into the Client Portal

In general, you have 3 options when signing in

  1. Via magic link

    1. Select Sign in with Email to have a magic link sent to your inbox!

    2. Magic links are great because once you're authenticated, you won't need to request a link again until you log out, your cookie expires, or you switch devices

  2. Via Google SSO

    1. Only Gmail users will be able to utilize this option

  3. With a password

    1. Select Sign in with Password - this option integrates with password managers!

Client Portal login options

Magic Link Demo

Click the button below for an interactive tour of the log-in process for the Client Portal!

Setting up a Password

You can request a reset link directly from the Client Portal login!

  1. Select Sign in with Password

  2. Choose Get help signing in

  3. Enter your sign in email

  4. Select Reset Password

  5. Once you have completed these steps, you will receive an email with a link to set up your password!

Open Questions

Your portal will tell you how many open questions you have on the lower left of the Dashboard tab, and at the top of the portal! Open questions have two statuses: Unanswered & Answered.

You can filter for Unanswered, Answered, and All questions at the top right of each Question tab.

All of your open questions will land in your portal. Once your bookkeeper has marked a question as Resolved, the question will be removed from the portal.

Transaction Questions

Transaction questions are just that - questions about transactions in your QuickBooks/Xero file! They're accessible from the Transaction Questions tab. For each transaction there is a Question and an Action column.

From the Actions column, you can choose to

  • Add Comment

  • Upload File

  • View Files

Non-Transaction Questions

Non-transaction questions are any questions not related to a transaction. The columns are similar to that of a Transaction Question, and the available Actions are the same!

From the Actions column, you can choose to

  • Add Comment

  • Upload File

  • View Files

Financial Reporting

Financial Reports are posted on the lower right of the Dashboard page. Select View to the right and review the posted financial package! Financials Access must be enabled for this to populate on your screen.


You can access stored files under the Files tab! Your bookkeeper can make files visible to your portal on their end. All files under this tab will default to an expanded view. Files Access must be enabled for this to populate on your screen.

Questions for Us

Questions for Us is where you can send your own questions to your bookkeeper via the portal! These questions have two statuses: Open and Closed. Questions for Us must be enabled by your bookkeeper before it shows up in your portal.

For these open questions you can choose to

  • Add Comment

  • Upload File

  • View Files

  • Mark Closed


Resources allows your bookkeeper to add a tab where they can leave permanent notes for reference later. You'll see a Resources tab if this has been enabled by your bookkeeper!

Commonly, this tab is used for things like:

  • Helpful links to external sources (i.e. your Google drive)

  • How-to's and helpful instructions

  • A list of contacts

  • Any other resources your bookkeeper may find useful to share!

Logging Out

Navigate to the top right of the screen and select the Exit icon to log out.


Can I have all of my businesses accessible in a single portal?

Certainly! If your bookkeeper oversees all business files in Keeper, they can set you up as a Merged Contact for each business. If this is enabled, you'll see a drop down menu at the top right of your portal, and you can choose which file to view from there!

I don't see a question that was there before, where did it go?

When no further communication is needed for a given question, your bookkeeper will mark the question as Resolved on their end. All questions marked Resolved will be removed from the Client Portal.

I am having trouble logging in to my portal, what can I do?

If you're running into challenges logging into the portal, it's recommended to contact your bookkeeper for assistance and share any screenshots of error messages or other issues you're experiencing.

The following are possible solutions to issues encountered during the login process:

Invalid Magic Link

The three most common reasons folks get this error message after clicking a magic link are:

  • It has already been used: magic links will expire immediately after a single click

  • It is expired: magic links will expire after 6hrs

  • It is not the most recent link: Whenever a new magic link is requested (clicking the Sign in with Email button on the sign in page), all old magic links are invalidated

All of the reasons above are in place for security purposes. Keeping your Client Portal as secure as possible is one of Keeper's top priorities.

Incorrect Password

Sometimes your password can be entered incorrectly, or an older/invalid password is entered automatically with a password manager extension. If you need to reset your password, the steps are the same as when you created a password the first time!

  1. Choose Get help signing in

  2. Enter your sign in email

  3. Select Reset Password

  4. Once you have completed these steps, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password!

Incorrect email entered at sign in

Not receiving any email links? You may be using the wrong email when signing in. Only the email added to Keeper by your bookkeeper will grant you access to the portal. Be sure to double check that you're using the email set up for you in Keeper. If you're not sure, reach out to your bookkeeper to double check!

You're not a Gmail user

Choosing the Sign in with Google option will only work with Gmail client emails.

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