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Your Client’s Experience in the Portal
Your Client’s Experience in the Portal

Where you client can answer your questions

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The Client Portal Experience

In the Client Portal, your client has the ability to:

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This is what your client's portal will look like on desktop.

Client portal desktop view


This is what your client's portal will look like on mobile.

Looking for details on how brand the Client Portal to your business?

How Your Clients Log into the Client Portal

Your client has three options to log into their portal:

  1. Via magic link

  2. Via Google (Gmail users only)

  3. With a password (Works with password managers like LastPass, 1Password, etc)

Client Portal login options

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How does requesting a magic link work?

Your client can receive magic links in three ways!

  • From the Client Portal log in page (choosing Sign in with email),

  • Receiving an email or text Client Portal Questions Reminder), or

  • You can send a magic link manually in your Portal Settings!

Step 1

The client will receive an email or text about new questions in their portal.

Document image

Step 2 (Authentication Needed)

The client will be prompted to request a magic link.

If you have Whitelabel enabled, this will also come from your email.

Document image
Document image

Step 3

The client clicks 'Log in to Portal' and they are logged in! They won't need to click the magic link again until their cookie expires, or they switch devices.

What if they're already authenticated?

The client will go right to their Client Portal, straight from the link!

Fun fact! The screenshot above shows a custom branded portal!

Demo: Logging into the Client Portal via Magic Link

Click the button below for an interactive tour of the log-in process for the Client Portal!

If you would like to send your client the demo, here's the link:

How to Create a Password for the Client Portal

Your clients can set a password to log in to their Client Portal in one of two ways:

Option 1: Manually Send a Link from the Client's File

  1. Go to the client's Keeper file

  2. Select Portal at the top of the page

  3. Navigate to Actions (...) in the contact's row

  4. Select

Option 2: Request a Reset from the Portal Login

Clients can request a reset link directly from the Client Portal login screen!

  1. Select Sign in with Password (third option at log in)

  2. Choose Get help signing in

  3. Enter the sign in email

  4. Select Reset Password

  5. Once the client has completed these steps, they will receive an email with a link to set up their password!

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Putting Your Client Portal Login on Your Website

Take your base Client Portal link (e.g.,, and then add a button to your website where clicking it goes to that link. From there, if your clients click this link, they'll be able to go straight to their portal from your website.

You can locate your portal link from any client file by selecting Portal at the top of the page and navigating to the Link!

Enabling Thumbnails on Transaction Questions

To make it easier for clients to see any receipts attached to transactions, you can enable thumbnails in the portal. Users can click these thumbnails to view the full receipt.

They can also view files by clicking the "View Files" button in the Actions column.

To enable this UI, go to your Client Portal Practice Settings -> Inbound questions/files and enable the setting "Enable file previews for questions".


Can I preview the Client Portal and see what it looks like for my client?

YES - From within Keeper, you can see what the client will see in their Client Portal by clicking the Preview button from the Client Portal Tab.

You can also add your own email as a Contact to give yourself sign-in access to the portal. While we do not recommend keeping yourself as a contact forever, it can be a helpful way of walking through the end-to-end experience when you are setting things up.

Previewing the portal from the client's perspective can also give you insight into what it looks like to enable/disable Files Access and Financial Access!

How do I send a fresh magic link to my client?

You can send a manual magic link at any time! Keep in mind that all previous magic links will invalidate the second you send a new link.

  1. Select Portal at the top of the client page

  2. Navigate to Actions (...) in the contact's row

  3. Select Send new magic link

What do I do for my clients with multiple accounting files?

If you have clients who have multiple accounting files (e.g., subsidiaries or sister companies), you can set them as a merged contact! This will give the contact the ability to switch between businesses in the portal seamlessly.

My client is having issues signing/logging in, what resources can I provide?

The most common causes of log in issues for client contacts are:

  • Invalid magic link

  • Incorrect password

  • Incorrect email entered at sign in

Feel free to send them this article >>> The Client Portal (made for clients)! It will walk them through the most common causes and solves for log in issues

Client Portal infographics

Download the files below as a resource for your clients!

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