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Your Client’s experience in the Portal
Your Client’s experience in the Portal

Where you client can answer your questions

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What your Client can do

In the Client Portal, your client can:

If you mark a question as resolved in Keeper, it will be removed from the list of transactions your client sees in their portal.

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This is what your client's portal will look like on desktop.

Client portal desktop view


This is what your client's portal will look like on mobile.

How your Clients log into the Client Portal

Your client has three options to log into their portal:

  1. Via magic link

  2. Via Google (Gmail users only)

  3. With a password (Works with password managers like LastPass, 1Password, etc)

Client Portal login options

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How does requesting a magic link work?

Step 1

The client will receive an email or text about new questions in their portal.

Document image

Step 2 (Already authenticated)

The client will go straight to their Client Portal.

Step 3 (First time accessing portal on device/cleared browser cookies):

The client will be prompted to request a magic link.

If you have Whitelabel enabled, this will also come from your email.

Document image
Document image

Step 4

The client clicks 'Log in to Portal' and they are logged in.

After they have logged in, they'll stay logged in so they won't need to click the magic link again until their cookie expires, or they switch devices.

Demo: Logging into the Client Portal via magic link

Click the button below for an interactive tour of the log-in process for the Client Portal!

If you would like to send your client the demo, here's the link:

How to create a password for the Client Portal

Your clients can set a password to log in to their Client Portal in one of two ways:

Option 1: You send them a password reset link that they can use to set a password.

  1. Go to the client's file

  2. Click Client Portal

  3. Make sure you are on the Contacts tab

  4. Click Reset in the Reset PW column for the contact in question

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Option 2: They request a password reset link themselves from the login screen to the Client Portal

From your Client Portal login screen:

  1. Click Sign in with Password

  2. Click Get help signing in

  3. Type email

  4. Click Reset Password

Set Client Portal password

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Once the client has done that, they will receive an email with a link to set a password that they use to log into the Client Portal.

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Putting your Client Portal login on your website

Take your base Client Portal link (e.g.,, and then add a button to your website where clicking it goes to that link.

From there, if your clients click this link, they'll be able to go straight to their portal from your website.


Can I see what the portal looks like for my Client?

YES - From within Keeper, you can see what the client will see in their Client Portal by clicking the Preview button from the Client Portal Tab.

You can also add your own email as a Contact to give yourself sign-in access to the portal.

While we do not recommend keeping yourself as a contact forever, it can be a helpful way of walking through the end-to-end experience when you are setting things up.

Client Portal infographics

Download the files below as a resource for your clients!

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