Client vs. Client Portal Contact

What these common terms mean in Keeper

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Client: a business or company

Contact: a person, typically the business owner that has an email they use to access the Client Portal

How Clients work in Keeper

  • The names on the Client List

  • You can only create AND delete a CLIENT (business) from the client list in Keeper

  • Creating a CLIENT (business) does not also create a contact (person)

  • Deleting a CLIENT (business) does not delete the associated CONTACT(s) (person)

    • WHY: A CONTACT (person) can have more than one CLIENT (business) in Keeper that you manage the books for

How Contacts work in Keeper

  • You can create AND delete a CONTACT (person) in TWO places in Keeper:

    • All Contacts (via practice settings (⚙️ icon)) OR

    • Client Portal contact settings (via client close page)

  • Creating a CONTACT (person) does not create a client (business) as part of the process

  • You MUST assign a client (business) in order to create a contact from the All Contacts tab

  • Deleting a contact (person) only removes the contact's association with the client (business) and revokes that email's portal access

How should I create new Clients in Keeper to invite the owner/employee(s) to the portal?

If the contact does NOT exist you have two options:

  • Create the contact (person) via All Contacts under practice settings and then assign the client (business) to that contact

  • Add the contact (person) via Contacts under Client Portal settings in the close file

    • This automatically assigns the client because it is only that client's contact list you are modifying

If the contact already exists, you only have one option:

What is the difference between All Contacts and Client Portal contact settings?

All Contacts

  • Practice level setting

  • Every contact (person) is listed on this screen

  • Adding a contact only does not add the contact to the Client Portal contact tab

How do I access All Contacts?

  1. Click Practice settings (⚙️ icon)

  2. Click Client Portal

  3. Click All contacts

Client Portal contact tab

  • Individual client level setting

  • Only contacts (people) assigned to that client will show

  • Adding a second client (business) is not possible on this screen

  • Access the generic Client Portal link

  • Adding a contact here also adds a contact in your All Contacts tab

How do I access the Client Portal contact tab?

From the client close:

  1. Click Client Portal

  2. Click Contacts

Joe and his employees are contacts for this client

Only Joe is a contact for this client

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