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Financial Reports in the Client Portal

How and where to view uploaded reports in the Client Portal

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You can use Keeper's Client Portal to deliver the Management Reports that you create for your clients.

Adding financial reports to the Client Portal

To add a report to the Client Portal, go to the reporting page, click the Publish button, then 'Add to Client Portal.'

How to publish financial reports to the Client Portal

Financial Access

If you want your contacts to see these reports, make sure to enable Financial Access in the Client Portal.

If you have other contacts who shouldn't have access to financials, leaving this box unchecked will prevent them from accessing them.

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What your client sees in the portal

Uploaded financials can be found on the portal dashboard.

Uploaded financial reports in Client Portal

Reviewing uploaded financials

To see reports uploaded to the Client Portal:

  1. Click Publish

  2. Click Manage Published Financials

You can also see the reports in your contact's Preview Mode by clicking the Preview button next to that contact's name on the Client Portal tab of the close.

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