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Troubleshooting common Client Portal question scenarios

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Where can I see all the questions I have asked my client?

You can see all the questions you've asked your client by going to that client's close page and going to the Client communication section.

Why can't my clients see the questions I have asked them in their portal?

There are four common reasons:

  • Assignable questions is enabled but questions are unassigned

  • The question has been answered

  • The question is marked as resolved

  • The client is not in the right company (if merged contact)

'Assignable questions' is enabled

Most commonly, this happens if Assignable Questions are enabled but the questions have not been assigned. If this is why you'll see a warning that looks like this:

If that's the case, you need to assign questions to particular contacts for your contact to see them.

The question has been answered

If your clients have already answered their questions, they get moved to the Answered tab in their Portal.

The question has been marked as 'resolved'

Once a question has been marked as 'resolved' it is removed from the Client Portal.

Learn more about resolved questions here.

The client is not in the right company (if merged contact)

If your client has more than one business they may need to choose the correct business from the switcher tool in the top right-hand corner of the portal.

Learn more about merged client portals here.

What does the warning about questions not in this close mean?

You may see a warning on your Transaction Questions report telling you that there are questions not in the current close.

Questions not in close warning

For performance reasons, Keeper only pulls the latest 12 months of transactions in a given close. So if you are in the March 2022 close, Keeper will fetch data going back to April 2021.

As a result, if you have questions about transactions that predate April 2021, you will not see those transactions in this report, and you will need to go back to an older close to see them.

For more on going to an older close, see: Starting and Accessing Closes

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