Assignable Questions
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If you have multiple Contacts for your client and you'd like to ask them a separate set of questions, Assignable Questions allows you to assign each question to the contact who should answer it.

If Assignable Questions is enabled, each contact will only see the questions assigned to them in their Client Portal.

If you have multiple contacts, but Assignable Questions is not enabled, then all contacts will see all questions asked to that client.

A single contact per question:

Currently, only one contact can be assigned to a question at any given time.

Enabling Assignable Questions

To enable Assignable Questions, go to a client's close, click Client Portal, and in the Contacts tab, check the box that says Assignable Questions.

Pending assignment:

If you enable Assignable Questions but have questions that are not yet assigned, you'll need to assign them to contacts, or they won't be visible in the Client Portal.

Assigning Questions

While asking a question, make sure to choose the contact you want to answer that question. This will let them see that question in their Client Portal.

Reassigning Questions

How do I reassign a question to a different contact?

Just ask a follow-up question!

If you have enabled Assignable Questions, sometimes one contact may tell you to ask the other contact. You will add to the thread when asking the other contact for more information to handle this. This is called a follow-up question.

To ask a follow-up question:

  1. Click your client's response and then click, Respond

  2. Click the current contact name in the Assignee column

  3. Switch the assignee to have the new response show in the second contact's Portal

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Applying Templates

Are questions automatically assigned when a template is applied that includes a question?

No - Keeper does not automatically assign questions to contacts.

Does the question show in the Client Portal as soon as the template is applied?

No - The question will exist in the portal, but it will not be visible to any contact, because it is has not been assigned yet.

How do I make an assignable question visible to my contact after a template is applied?

The same way as assigning a transaction question. Select the contact you want to answer the question when adding the question to the Client Portal.

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