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Questions from your Client

Allow your clients to ask you questions from the Client Portal

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How to allow your clients to ask you questions

  1. Go to Practice Settings (⚙️ icon)

  2. Click Client Portal

  3. Navigate to the Inbound Questions tab

  4. Check the 'Enable questions from clients' box

Enable Questions from Client

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Enabling questions from clients is a practice-level setting and will add this feature to all of your clients' portals.

Once enabled, your clients will have a third tab in their Portal, 'Questions for Us' where they can ask you questions.

Questions for Us

Can I see all the questions my client has asked?

You can see these questions in the Questions from Client section of a close.

How do I answer a question from my client?

Like all other questions, marking these as Resolved will hide them from the Client Portal.

We suggest leaving them open until your client acknowledges that they are satisfied with your answer.

Client answer notifications

You have three options for setting up notifications when your clients respond in the portal:

  1. Add users in your organization to be notified when in a client's close page

    1. Go to the Client Portal,

    2. Go to Notification Settings

    3. Add the users you want to be notified when the client responds

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  2. You can manage your own notifications via User Settings

    1. Click your user icon (your initials in a colored circle) in the top right-hand corner

    2. Click Client Questions

    3. Add the clients you wish to be notified about

    4. Click Save

  3. Admins can set notification settings for all users on the account

    1. Click Practice Settings (⚙️ icon)

    2. Click All Client settings

    3. Choose the users that should be notified for each client


Will my client be notified when I answer their question?

NOT automatically - if you answer a question that your client asks you, Keeper will not automatically notify them.

Instead, when you're ready, you can use the We responded button in the Questions from Client section to tell them about it.

This will open up the email editor and pre-fill a template email that you can send to them through Keeper.

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