Project Templates

Add non-closing tasks and non-transaction questions to clients

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Project Templates are a way to add Non-Closing Tasks and Non-Transaction Questions to a client in Keeper.

They are commonly used for onboarding new clients, offboarding clients, or conducting one-off projects like cleanups.

Once you have created a Project Template in Keeper, you can add it to any client.

Creating a Project Template

To create a Project Template, go to the Client List page and click the Templates button in the top center. From here:

  • Click Add New, then give your template a Name

  • Next, add any Non-Closing Tasks that are a part of this Project

  • Then, add any Non-Transaction Questions you have for your client.

    • Note, these will show up in their Client Portal under non-transaction Questions

  • Finally, click Save Template in the top right-hand corner

Using a Project Template

Once you have created a project template, you can apply it to a client by clicking the Add to Client button in the top right-hand corner.

Any tasks will get added to their non-closing task section, and the questions will get added to their non-transaction questions, so when you send them their Keeper link, it will already contain the onboarding tasks they need to complete.

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