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Non-Transaction Questions

Non-coding related questions

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Any question unrelated to a transaction is called a non-transaction question.

How to Ask Non-Transaction Questions

To ask a non-transaction question, click the Client communication tile, then go to the Non-Transaction Questions tab and click Add Question.

Type the question/request in the text field and click "Add Question" to add to the Client Portal.

Common uses for non-transaction questions are statement requests or one-off questions for your clients that are not coding-related.

You can also ask non-transaction questions from anywhere with Keeper's Chrome Extension.

If Assignable Questions is enabled, you will need to select a contact before you can add the question to the Client Portal.

Looking for more? Check out our Client Question FAQs!

Recurring Questions

Recurring Questions are non-transaction questions that you can schedule to repeat on a regular cadence. These are helpful for making repeating requests, like asking for bank statements from your clients. For more on requesting bank statements in Keeper click HERE.

A recurring question will automatically be added to your client's portal on the date you specify.

Watch the video below for an overview of how to add recurring questions in Keeper.

Non-Transaction Tags

Non-transaction questions can have tags to help you organize your questions for your clients. You can add tags like "Statement Request" for new statements, "Tax Questions" for tax-related items, or "Onboarding Qs" for requests your new client intake form.

These tags can also be added to your questions in Project Templates.

These tags are visible in the portal for your clients.

How to edit your non-transaction question tags

  1. Click Practice Settings (⚙️ icon)

  2. Click Client Portal

  3. Click Non-Transaction Question Tags

How to edit non-transaction question tags
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