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Intro to the Client Portal
Intro to the Client Portal
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The Client Portal is your place to communicate with your clients through Keeper!

The basics of the portal revolve around four core pieces:

To update your client on new information in their portal, you will still need to email or text them through Keeper.

Read more on that here: Notifying your clients/reminders!

The Client Portal

Interactive Demo

Video Overview



This is what your client's portal will look like on desktop.

Client portal desktop view


This is what your client's portal will look like on mobile.

The Client Portal link works on both desktop and mobile, so your clients can still answer your questions from their phones! We do not currently have a Keeper mobile app available for download.

Custom Branding (Whitelabel)

The Client Portal can also be white-labeled!

Whitelabel allows you to host the Client Portal link at your own domain, with your own branding and logo. It also allows you to send email notifications from Keeper to your clients directly through your own email, rather than from

Whitelabel is available with Keeper Premium!

Client Facing Resources

Check out these articles we've written specifically with the client in mind!

Have any questions or ideas for other articles to share with clients? Reach out to the Keeper Support team at

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