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Task List
Updated over a week ago

The Task list shows you all tasks that you are responsible for, organized by the due date. You can see overdue tasks, tasks due today, later this week, or further out, as well as tasks without due dates.

If you are an Admin user, you can also see tasks assigned to other users.

You can find the Task list by clicking the Tasks button on the Client List page.

On the task list you can:

  • filter by task type, assignee, or status (e.g., Waiting on Client)

  • change the statuses or tasks, or mark them complete

If tasks are not assigned, you can choose the Unassigned option in the Assignee picker and add an assignee.

Task views

If you have common lists of tasks you want to access quickly, you can save them as custom Task Views. Here are a couple of common examples:

See your Priority Tasks that are due this week or overdue

See all your upcoming payroll tasks

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